Tow-and-Collect 1500 Pro Tow-Behind Sweeper


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The Tow and Collect 1500 Pro is a speedy solution to cleaning large areas with ease.
The 1500mm wide pickup and easy-to-empty 610 litre catching hopper means you can fit approx. 3-4 wheelbarrow loads in before you need to empty. Not only do you clean your pastures with the Tow-and-Collect, you minimise the potential parasite re-infestation - as removing the manure will reduce the faecal egg count.
The Pro 1500 has a key-start 7hp engine which drives the brushes for constant collection - whether you're travelling at 2km/h or 15km/h.
This is helpful if you have varying pasture surfaces and grass length. Because of the serious width of the Pro 1500, you can completely cover half an acre in just over 10 minutes.
Imagine towing a vacuum and having to stop and start each time you needed to pick up manure/debris, aim the hose at the manure/debris and wait for it to be sucked up before you could move on.
The Tow-and-Collect provides constant rotation of nylon brushes that allow you to continually be on the move and no stop/starting required like a vacuum machine. This pasture cleaner saves you time and effort.
Because of the constant sweeping motion of the brushes, it also removes the thatch and dead grass from your pasture - something a vacuum does not do.
By removing this, it promotes live grass growth and allows the pasture to gain more of the needed nutrients and sunlight to survive.

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