Tow-and-Collect Mini 700 Tow-Behind Sweeper


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The Tow and Collect Mini 700 is an engine-free, ground driven manure sweeper, which means there is no motor, no refuelling and no hassles.
The brushes rotate when the machine is pulled along. The 700mm wide pickup and easy-to-empty 320 litre catching hopper means you can fit approx. 1-2 wheelbarrow loads in before you need to empty. This little machine is suitable for anything up to 6 horses or alpacas.
Hitch the Tow and Collect Mini 700 to your ATV, quad bike or small tractor and you are ready to tidy your pastures the easy way.
The large chunky tires gives the Mini 700 the traction to drive the brushes, and will be effective in pastures up to 125mm long.
If you don't like fuelling another engine or having to deal with motors, the Mini 700 is the machine for you. It's our most ?green' machine which is also the simplest. Even without an engine, the Mini 700 is five times as fast as a typical vacuum machine. This is due to its constant collection system not requiring you to start and stop at each manure pile, just drive over it and the manure disappears - it's that simple.
Because of the constant sweeping motion of the brushes, it also removes the thatch and dead grass from your pasture - something a vacuum does not do.
By removing this, it promotes live grass growth and allows the pasture to gain more of the needed nutrients and sunlight to survive.

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