Husqvarna pressure washers can take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered.

Each model is optimised for maximum cleaning performance and designed for a great user experience. Clever swivel functions, quick connections, durable metal pumps, high-traction wheels and generous hose lengths are a few of the many features that help you get a perfect result.

Water power with precision and efficiency

Get a fresher look to your vehicles, garden furniture, walls, stone settings or patio – your Husqvarna pressure washer is prepared to take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered.

Add a complete range of accessories, and you will always have full control over your work. If you know us, we would never have it any other way – and we’re pretty sure that goes for you too.

Let’s keep everything clean – including your conscience

Nature’s own cleaning fluid has unexpected powers – something you will discover with the Husqvarna high-pressure washers. Water’s washing performance is hard to beat when combined with world-leading technology and engineering. As there is limited access to water in many areas, you do not want to waste any of it. A Husqvarna pressure washer actually uses about 80% less water to get the job done when compared to a regular hose.


Check out the Husqvarna range of pressure washers available at reduced pricing until 31 December 2019.

Action Equipment has great offers on models across the entire Polaris range until the end of the year.

In addition to pricing discounts and fantastic finance offers, several Ranger side-by-sides come with a package of bonus accessories and one year's cover of our new Polaris Plus mechanical breakdown insurance.

Sportsman 450 EPS

  • Normally $12095 – save $2100 until 31/12/19

Sportsman 570 HD EPS

  • Normally $14995 – save $2000 until 31/12/19

Ace 570 HD EPS

  • Normally $17150 – save $4155 while strictly limited stocks last

Ranger 500

  • Normally $14995 – save $1000 until 31/12/19

Ranger 570 HD EPS

  • Normally $18995 – save $1000 until 31/12/19
  • Includes BONUS roof, glass windscreen, poly rear window, tow hitch and one year of Polaris Plus mechanical breakdown insurance*
  • Total savings: $3957

Ranger XP 1000 HD EPS

  • Normally $26995 – save $1000 until 31/12/19
  • Includes BONUS roof, glass windscreen, poly rear window, tow hitch and one year of Polaris Plus mechanical breakdown insurance*
  • Total savings: $4197

Ranger Diesel 1000 HD EPS GEN3

  • Normally $23300 – save $3305 until 31/12/19
  • Includes BONUS roof, glass windscreen, poly rear window, tow hitch and one year of Polaris Plus mechanical breakdown insurance*
  • Total savings: $6502

Polaris Plus mechanical breakdown insurance

*Polaris Plus is a new mechanical breakdown insurance policy available to Polaris vehicle owners. It effectively extends the warranty beyond the two years offered by Polaris.

Ask Action Equipment for more information about Polaris Plus.

Husqvarna lawn tractors

(Rideon mowers with mid-mounted cutting decks.)

Multitask with control

Since a Husqvarna lawn tractor is operated with pedals, it enables you to steer with both hands. It gives you both comfort and control and means safe operations. And it doesn’t matter what kind of lawn you’re facing. By choosing between three different cutting systems – collecting, mulching (BioClip) or ejecting – you can secure a good result no matter what.

Bushes and trees are no problem either. Thanks to the unique steering technology, you can easily cut around obstacles of any kind. The result is less uncut areas, efficient mowing and full manoeuvrability.

Easy maintenance keeps your lawn healthy

It’s simple to keep your Husqvarna rideon mower in good condition. The cutting blades are quickly removed and replaced without using any tools. This means a fast and safe blade service – and sharp blades results in a healthier lawn. The reinforced and powder-coated cutting decks gives your tractor improved durability and corrosion resistance. In short, it will last for a long time.


Check out the Husqvarna range of mowers available at reduced pricing until 31 December 2019.


Finance offer: 24 month’ interest-free

Don’t wait any longer, you could get the Husqvarna you want today with no interest for 24 months. Available in-store only until 31/12/19. Minimum spend $2999 and above.

Finance terms and conditions:

24 months interest free is available on Flexi Payment Plans and Flexi Payment Purchases for in-store purchases only until 31 December 2019. Minimum spend $2999.00. Annual Account Fee of $50 applies. New Cardholder fee: $55 Establishment. Existing Cardholder fee: $35 Advance. Minimum payments of 3% of the monthly closing balance or $10 (whichever is greater) are required throughout interest-free period. Paying only the minimum monthly payments will not fully repay the loan before the end of the interest-free period. Standard interest rate, currently 25.99% p.a or 22.95% p.a. (depending on your card) applies to any outstanding balance at the end of the interest-free period. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Rate and fees correct as at date of publication, subject to change. Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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Forget everything you know about lawncare. Discover the better way to a better lawn.

Keeping your lawn healthy can be a lot of hard work. The Husqvarna Automower® isn't just a lawn mower. It's a robotic concept that does the work for you — without your supervision, around the clock.

High or low, night or day, rain or shine

A random travelling pattern lets the Automower find every corner of your garden. It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions, as well as difficult terrain, including slopes, holes and even temporary obstacles like pinecones and fruits. The Automower is so quiet that it can work in the night without disturbing anyone. Through the mower app, available for selected models, you'll also have total control of its working hours, so you can have the lawn to yourself whenever you like.

Healthy grass

Husqvarna Automower constantly cuts the grass as it grows. This is by far the most gentle way to cut grass. Whereas ordinary mowing usually takes off several centimetres of clipping which are then collected and removed, the clippings from Husqvarna Automower are only a few millimeters long. They will fall to the soil, mulch, and fertilise your lawn.

Safe and sound

Husqvarna Automower is protected from theft in several ways. A PIN code is required for any intervention. An alarm will immediately sound if the code is ignored when the mower is stopped or lifted. It is useless when stolen, as it can't be matched to other charging stations. And when reported stolen, it will be red-listed in all support.

Easy installation, effortless operation

Husqvarna Automower is fully automatic, and works inside an electronic fence created by a boundary wire. When batteries run low, it returns to the charging station. After a one-time installation, which Action Equipment can do for you, you'll enjoy a more-or-less maintenance-free lawn for many years.

Check out the Husqvarna Automower range available from Action Equipment.

Husqvarna Grass Trimmers

We offer you reliable trimmers with power and a multitude of uses. They are all easy and flexible to handle thanks to their low weight and smart features. And you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours. Husqvarna linetrimmers are designed to generate as little noise as possible – ideal if you live in residential areas.

Smart Start your perfection

Since the engine and starter in many of our petrol-powered linetrimmers has been equipped with the unique Smart Start® function you’ll be able to start quickly with minimum effort.

Husqvarna linetrimmers are provided with an auto-return Stop switch. It means that when the machine is turned off, the Stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. This way, your grass linetrimmer will be ready for use again, whenever you are.

When silence is golden

If silence is an important aspect for you, a battery-driven linetrimmer is a good choice. Our quiet, lightweight, balanced, easy-to-use battery linetrimmers will get the most demanding tasks done. They feature excellent ergonomics, balance and high performance.

They’re provided with Li-ion batteries, which deliver unsurpassed, long-lasting power and come in a range of capacities. And with our efficient charger it will only take 35 minutes until you have full power again. With two batteries at hand you can work non-stop, all day.


Check out the Husqvarna range of linetrimmers available at reduced pricing until 31 December 2019.

Maintaining your lawn is made easy with the all new Walker Model R. Its compact design, agile handling, high-performing decks and zero-turn manoeuvrability guarantees the famous Walker beautiful cut.

It’s Walker quality and value coming together at Walker’s best price yet. The Model R Series is the perfect short cut to a pristine lawn.

  • Kohler 21hp Engine
  • 42" and 48" side discharge decks
  • Zero turn
  • Easy tilt-up deck
  • 11.3L fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • 3 year, 300 hour warranty

See the R21 options available.


Why Walker?

See the entire Walker range.

Walker mowers are premium zero turn mowers offered in the New Zealand market since the early 1980s. Landowners and contractors seeking professional lawnmowing results, rideon mowing versatility, and a beautiful cut, choose the best rideon option.

Interchangeable mowing decks and width options and collection and non-collection choice make a Walker mower perfect for every mowing need.

Walker’s precision steering system with fingertip steering means the mower goes precisely where you want it to with little effort. Zero-turn manoeuvrability comes standard, so you turn on the spot. Designed with durable chassis and powerful engines to ensure a Walker mower will last many years and handle the rigours of commercial lawn mowing. A low centre of gravity and large rear wheels result in a beautiful finish on all angles of terrain.

The Walker Advantage


Completely original by design, we like to say that Walker mowers are “different for the right reasons.

Beautiful Cut By Design

Since the ’80s, Walker mowers have been providing an economical way to cut lawns beautifully. This is by design, and the unique features of the out-front Walker deck gives operators results that are different.

Walker is passionate about cutting grass well and leaving a beautiful cut. They put in the time and effort to make sure a deck is as good as they can possibly make it.


Grass is lifted, cut, and processed evenly across the cut width, enabling a Walker to create stripes that draw attention, without the need for bulky rollers or other additional equipment.


Interchangeable mowing decks and width options; collection and non-collection choice, and a variety of attachments and accessories make a Walker the perfect zero-turn mower for every mowing need.

Battery powered cordless garden tools

Husqvarna battery products. Switch on. Power up.

The Husqvarna Battery Series is built to give you all the power and intuitive design you expect and demand from a product bearing their name. They bring comfort and responsible performance to virtually any job — from occasional use, to all-day, every-day work.

Charged with performance and convenience

Husqvarna battery powered motors offer the performance of petrol engines, but without the smoke, and with very little vibration. Batteries are interchangeable, so you can simply swap an empty battery for a charged one and keep on working.

Quiet work. Great results.

When using Husqvarna’s battery-driven machines, you’ll appreciate not only the absence of direct emissions and the minimal need for maintenance, but the relief of working with almost silent motors. The noise level of these battery machines is up to 13dB(A) lower than that of petrol-powered machines.

Learn more about the “silent neighbourhood”.

One battery fits all*

Husqvarna’s wide range of highly-efficient handheld products are driven by powerful Li-ion batteries, built for demanding, continuous use. Quick to recharge and even quicker to swap, every Husqvarna battery is compatible with every Husqvarna battery tool.

*More powerful equipment such as chainsaws and lawnmowers need more powerful batteries, but these are backward-compatible with equipment that doesn't require that much power.

Powering your performance.

Husqvarna batteries and chargers are designed to offer maximum flexibility, convenience and productivity. And with a wide range of options, from lightweight cells for short jobs, up to backpack power for all-day work, there’s a battery to suit your way of working – perfectly.

Check out the range of Husqvarna battery-powered equipment.

Strictly while limited stocks last, you can make huge savings off selected products at Action Equipment.


See what’s on offer, then get in touch with your nearest Action Equipment store before stock runs out! When the stock’s gone, so is the deal!

Stock at these prices may only be available from one Action Equipment store. We will happily move the stock to your nearest branch for collection on request.


Take a look at the ex-demo and secondhand ATVs, offroad vehicles and rideon mowers that we have available. Models vary regularly. We will transport any unit from one branch to your closest branch on request.

Also see our Trade Me listings for stock available from our Hamilton and Bay of Plenty branches.