How to choose a rideon mower

If you’re new to rideon mowers, the range on offer at Action Equipment might seem overwhelming. But don’t be put off – we’ll happily guide you to the right one for your unique needs, and even give you a no-obligation demonstration on your own property.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself before you visit one of our showrooms or call our team:

Cut, catch or mulch?

Catching will always give the nicest-looking finish, but you need to have some way of disposing of the clippings, and pausing mowing to empty your catcher will mean that mowing takes a little longer.

Mulching also gives a fantastic finish, without the need to dispose of clippings, but is only recommended in certain conditions. The tiny clippings are returned to the lawn to nourish new growth.

Discharging clippings – whether from the rear or the side of the mower – is the fastest way to cut grass, but does leave long clippings. This method is ideal for taller or coarser grass and land that’s mowed less often.

Many mowers offered by Action Equipment can do two or even all three types of mowing, so we’ve got you covered – especially if you think different finishes will suit different parts of your property.

Tractor, rider or zero-turn?

There are three general types of rideon mower, and each has its advantages depending on the type of terrain and obstacles to be negotiated.

Lawn tractors, the most common type of rideon mower, have the mowing deck mounted in the middle of the machine. These are available with and without catchers and suit most properties, although customers with a lot of trees may find them less manoeuvrable.

Riders have the mowing deck mounted at the front, which makes mowing under fences, trees and other obstacles easier. They're usually steered via the rear wheels and are therefore very easy to use in tight spaces. Riders are available with mulching decks or catchers.

Zero-turn mowers also have the mowing deck mounted at the front. They’re steered with levers which operate each side’s wheels independently – like a bulldozer or tank. While this technique can take a little getting used to at first, it makes the mower incredibly manoeuvrable, hence the term “zero turn”: it can turn in the same space as the mower itself takes up.

How hilly is your land?

If you’re blessed with a perfectly flat property, you’ll be well served by any rideon mower. If your land has slopes – especially steep ones – some types of rideon mower are more appropriate than others.

Generally, you should always mow directly up and down slopes. If they’re steep, you’ll need a mower with more power to cope. If you simply must mow across the face of a sloping lawn, Action Equipment has several models that are better suited to this through having a lower centre of gravity to avoid rolling over, and models with rollover protection (ROPs) to better protect you in the event the mower does roll.

What size deck?

Rideon mowers are available with decks ranging from 30 inches (760mm) to 74 inches (1880mm). Consider how much land you need to mow, spacing between obstacles such as through gates or between trees, etc. Obviously, a wider mowing deck means you can cover the same area faster, but it may not be usable in tight spaces.

What style of deck?

Your mowing deck will last longer if it’s fabricated, i.e. if it’s made of steel that has been cut and welded. However, pressed decks are generally contoured, which produces better airflow for mulching.

Belt- or shaft-driven decks?

Most rideon mowers drive their blades with a belt which runs from the engine to pulleys and gears mounted on the mowing deck. These belts do wear out and need to be replaced from time to time. You need to take special care to follow the guidelines on the correct use of mowers with belt-driven decks – most issues customers report with belt failure and related problems are due to incorrect mowing technique.

Some zero-turn mowers have a shaft to drive the gears on the mowing deck. These require less maintenance between regular services, and are generally found in the premium product range.

Have you considered a robot?

If mowing your lawn becomes too much of a chore, or you just don’t have the time, a robotic lawnmower may be the solution for you.

Husqvarna has been producing the Automower since 1995, and the latest models are true marvels. Rain, hail or shine, night and day, Automower will happily mow lawns up to 5000m2 while you do something else. All they need is an outdoor power supply for their charging dock, and wiring under the grass to mark the boundaries of your lawn. With a fully-customisable timer and other on-board controls as well as a comprehensive smartphone app, you’re in total control – without any of the effort.

You can’t beat experience!

Action Equipment has been selling rideon mowers of all kinds for many years. Chances are, we’ve sold mowers to your neighbours and previous owners of your own property. We know what’s suitable for each property to get the finish that you want.

Call or visit your nearest Action Equipment store today for friendly advice and to arrange a free demonstration. We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer gets the mower best-suited to their property and circumstances.


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