Mowing long grass & difficult terrain

Grillo Climbers for Long Grass and Steep Slopes

You always need the right machine for mowing long grass. Apart from looking ungainly, long grass can restrict access to parts of your property. However, you need to have the right mower to cut long grass. If we’re talking ride-on mowers, just about any standard mower can do the job when the grass is short and all you are concerned with is basically “bowling green flat” grass.

However, long grass even up to a metre high is a different thing altogether. If you try mowing long grass with a mower not specifically designed for it, you may be in a for a lot of strife. First of all, the mower will not cut well and will leave a clumpy finish. Mowers not designed for cutting long grass can easily suffer damage such as shredded drive belts and broken transmissions.

You may also need to use a handheld brushcutter to cut the grass short before using a mower to finish the rest of the work. This will mean extra work and a much longer time to finish the job.

However, you can avoid all these issues with a Grillo Climber. All Grillo Climber models are designed to cut long and thick grasses with ease. All models offer extremely safe mowing options and will mow long grass, weeds, scrub, etc. without a problem. The more powerful models will also tackle wild oats, marshmallow grass, mustard grass, thick kikuyu, blackberry and more on the trickiest of terrain.

Apart from helping you mow down the longer grasses easily, a big plus with these models is that they will let you work on steeper slopes and ridges without any difficulty. While working slopes above 25 degrees, it’s extremely important that you work with a safe and reliable machine. Grillo models, with their front brakes, low slung designs, and differential lock systems, provide excellent stability and complete safety. In addition, the models are extremely durable, too.

If you would like to take back control of your long grass, and mow when it suits you rather than having to mow before it gets too long to handle, talk to Action Equipment about the mowers in the Climber range! With several models to choose from, we can help you find the best model to match your property.